DropDownList In GridView (CRUD) Operation and Hide Row in Girdview

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Update , Copy ,Record, Delete (CRUD) Operation Gridview in asp.net Programmability is little bit difficult but its just a few techniques game and nothing else that
like how to access edit values,add control in gridview and with data hide columns in girdview on runtime but
but column value should acesable and manymore. now in this totrial i will tell how to preform
Update , Copy ,Record, Delete (CRUD) Operation Gridview just few steps and you will do it by your selft

1 drag gridview on your form and autgeneratecolumn properties set to false

2 add 4Column type column 1,2 : boundedfield set there header and bindvalue col1 = Productid and cal2 = Productname and add 3rd column TemplateField type , 4th column command type checked update checkbox .

3 edit columns 1,2 and command columns convert on TemplateField

4 . click on gridview flag and edit template there you will see 4 columns in column 0 you have add dropdownlist .
5 select templatefooter in edittemplate add textbox in productname , dropdownlist in colum0 and label control in column productID endedittempalte
6 add database in aap_data folder form sample code
7 right click on girdview goto properties and fire three event 1 rowCreated, Rowupdateing,rowediting and past code give in sample code ;

8 add some css tag in header to hide productid

Usama Wahab Khan
any help Contant me
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