Show Large Images with Deep Zoom Composer - Video Tour

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Deep Zoom Composer is a free software from Microsoft that lets you place high resolution photographs and other large images in a web page without resizing them.
Your viewers can then navigate through the images using standard zoom and pan controls similar to what we have in Google Maps. The only thing they would need is Silverlight.
It take three steps to create a composition (or collage) in Deep Zoom Composer.
Step 1: Import your pictures into Deep Zoom Composer

Step 2: If you have just one picture to showcase, you are ready to go. Else your may arrange and resize the pictures in any manner you like. There’re are helpful on-screen guides to help you with the alignments and resizing.

Step 3: The last step is to export your composition. You can either export them onto your local drive or let Deep Zoom Composer upload it to Microsoft’s PhotoZoom website from where anyone can view your pictures.

You may also watch this screencast video on how to quickly create a composition with Deep Zoom Composer.
With Deep Zoom Composer, you can not only put high-res images on the web but the software can also be used for stitching panoramas on the fly. Just select the images that are part of the panorama, right click and select "Create Panoramic Photo."

Download Source Code
Usama Wahab Khan and Atif Shahzad

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