SharePoint 2013 Search PDF Result Type with Previw in Browser

Friday, December 14, 2012

Search is the one of the most improved Feature that i found in SharePoint 2013. It’s Not only in Architecture or functionality. Even that Microsoft Improved Search User experience allot in SharePoint 2013. Now UI is more Informative and User Friendly. By Playing with SharePoint 2013 Search that t I Notice in SharePoint 2013 its Search quit Preview window. Where you can see immediately Preview the Search Result Items in Browser like Word Document. You don’t need to open them in any client app. To check is the same document that your look for. By just putting mouse over on the search result item it will give very nice small Hover Panel on right side of Search Results. Where you can see preview of your word,excel,powerpoint,html items and you can scroll down the document’s. it’s a Cool Feature and time saving. Another most important and requested feature for SharePoint 2013 Search to Provide PDF Search indexing by default OOB. So not need of IFilters for PDF Search. 

I was playing with SP15 Search then I notice SharePoint 2013 Search will not show me the PDF Documents in Preview mode Like documents word or excel. 

Then I jump into and try to some customized little bit. In SharePoint 2013 Search there is another very cool Feature in Search it’s called "Result Types" By default there is so many Result Types are there in your siteCollection and  you  can also create new by copying any existing one of the modified and create from scratch. To modified html and js files to display custom content in Preview window you need you find Display Templates under SPD2013 . Here i am trying to modify existing Result Types to Open Pdf in hover panel and display in Browser.


Open SharePoint Designer 2013 and open Site where you want this modification to be done. then navigate 
to All File>_catalogs>masterPage>Display templates>Search.

Find Item called   " item_PDF_HoverPanel.html " and right Click on Edit.

find Item
 then navigate the  Tag Div with ID  id="_#= $htmlEncode(id + HP.ids.content) =#_" data-displaytemplate="PDFHoverPanel". in Side this Tag just Past the Following Code. and save.

Refresh the Search Results and Mouse over again on PDF Item. if you will not find the Preview window so kindly install PDF plugin in your Browser 

By Usama Wahab Khan Happy SharePointing :)

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SharePoint 2013 Apps VS WebParts for Developers

Saturday, December 8, 2012

SharePoint 2013 Introduced App Model  Because of Software Market tends And Manage Solution without disturbing other tenants Especially in Online or Cloud scenarios. To meet this goal Microsoft Provide Great App Model for Developer to Build Apps on top of the SharePoint 2013. But mostly developer is used to develop their solution for Cloud by using visual WebPart in sandbox solution and farm based solution with visual webpart for on permission online sharepoint.  App Model quit bit similar from sandbox solution. But still are few recitations and changes between SharePoint WebPart and SharePoint Apps.  As a Developer feel bit restricted in this Model.As I like same felt same previously when 2010 sandbox . But it more secure as well because of any developer mistake it will not going to damage my SharePoint Site or Farm.

Difference  between WebPart and SharePoint App.

1.    OFFICE 356 AND MOST LIKE OTHER ONLINE SOLUTION FOR SharePoint would not allow Farm based Solution for web-Parts.

2.    Web Part has capability to use SharePoint Core Object by using code behind. 
3.    There is no code behind in SharePoint Apps. Especially for office 356 you create your solution without disturbing other tenant.

4.    You can create lists, libraries and other SharePoint Component.

5.    App have its own site-collection Site-Collection where app stores its list and data.
6.   SharePoint 2013 we have App Parts like Web Parts. App Part runs in IFrame by using the click jack technique. 
7.    The app runs in IFrame that why they cannot assess DOM. ITS HTML restriction. But it's really very cool feature if you app has some bed it will not disturb your site.

8.    If your app required any Service like the BCS. YOU HAVE TO ALLOW PERMISSION IN VS ON DEPLOYMENT TIME. WHEN USER WILL ADD APP. IT REQUIRED PERMISSION FROM USER TO ALLOW HIM TO ASSESS. THAT components OF SERVICE. LIKE books, stoical, taxonomy, Project, Reporting, List and Manage Rights Full Control., Read, Write, Managed. Give Specific Permissions for your apps. ReadMore
9.    SharePoint App has Page which ASPX page where app actually start-up page for the app.  
10.                 SharePoint also keeps its Assets with it. Like JavaScript and Images.

11.                 SharePoint 2013 App Features have only Web-scoped only for deployment.

12.                 SharePoint 2013 Web templates are available .But not site definitions. 


By Usama Wahab Khan

Microsoft Technical Communities has been Approved "Dev Saturday UAE"

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Congratulation ALL MEMEBER OF "Dev Saturday UAE"! Microsoft Technical Communities(MSTC) has been Approved "Dev Saturday UAE" as officail UserGroup and Microsoft Technical Communitiy in UAE. FOR THANK YOU Microsoft Technical Communities Team AND Microsoft Gulf. We are Planing our next meet up very soon Please Join Us.

Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Exam 70-480:

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 

Cool tool for FBA Management in SharePoint 2010

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A forms based authentication pack for SharePoint 2010. It includes web parts for registering users, changing passwords and password recovery. It includes tools for managing users and roles and for approving registrations. This is a port of the CKS Forms Based Authentication Solution for SharePoint 2007


User Management page allows you to Create, Edit, Delete and Search for users. Allows for password reset and user unlocking. Users can be assigned to SharePoint Groups or Roles.
Role Management page allows roles to be created and deleted.
Built in Change Password page and menu item.
Optionally review and moderate new membership requests.
Web parts can be completely customized using HTML templates. Simple customizations can be done with the web part properties.
User emails can be completely customized using XSLT templates.
Password Recovery web part allows look-ups by both username and email address.
Membership Request web part includes optional CAPTCHA, optional auto generate password, optional login registered user.

Completely localizable. Currently languages include English and Chinese.

Update people field in List SharePoint 2010

Sunday, October 7, 2012

using(SPSite mainsite=new SPSite("SPContext.Current.Site.Url"))
    using(SPWeb mainweb = site.OpenWeb())
                                    //Custom List Name
        SPList list = mainweb.Lists["MyList"];

        // Add new listItem
        SPListItem item = list .AddItem();

                                                 // UserID with domain
        SPUser user = web.AllUsers["SharePoint\\Usama"];

        item["Person"] = user;


Create SharePoint 2013 Workflow Loop By Using SharePoint 2013 designer Preview

One the Major Enhancements in SharePoint 2013 Workflows is availability  of "Loop"s is in SharePoint Actions. now loop are fully integrated in workflow actions. there is two type of loops. "Loop n Times" and Loop with conditions. this new feature is available with SharePoint 2013 Workflows  You can create directly   loop based workflow by using SharePoint designer 2013 preview with different actions. here i am showing one basic example how you can create loop in workflows by using SharePoint 2013.

before start this

Set up and configure SharePoint 2013 Workflow Manager

  • Installing and configuring workflow for SharePoint Server 2013

  • Open SPD2013 Preview Click on List & libraries>Select any existing list or Create new List.  

    Click on List Workflow button in ribbon. It will open one Popup.

    Fill Workflow Name and description and Select SharePoint 2013 Workflow form dropdown. if in case 
    you only see the SharePoint 2010 Workflow kindly check. did you Install and configure workflow in SharePoint Server 2013. because SharePoint 2013 Workflow is based on Azure workflows.

    In side the Ribbon  you will see one yellow to Add loop to your workflow.

    here i am create Initiation form Parameters for Loop Count.

     set the by default Value

    Click on Yellow spot in ribbon and select loop n timers.  set parameters. 

    Set send email Action in side the loop. 

    Add Email Address that mail to be send.

    create message for email.

    Click  Loop Yellow button in Ribbon. and select loop n Condition

    Create another Initiation form Parameters.

    Set Parameter and with loop values and set condition equal to not equal and hard code 10 value for comparison 

      Save and Publish

    Assess your Site from Browser and navigate to that list create one Item and
    click on workflow

    double Click on your created worflow.

    fill Parameters in  Initiation form and Click on Start Button
    Go back and list Workflow setting page

    Go to SharePoint Workflow History. you  will see updates that done in loop.

    check you Main Box for emails. 

    By Usama Wahab Khan
    thank you 

Enhancements in SharePoint 2013 Workflows.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I was Deep Diving in SharePoint 2013 Workflow. Find So many new things in SP2013 like new architect. this time workflow is not running in side the SharePoint. its working with azure workflow. new important Enhancements which area really great.

  1.   finally Loop is fully integrated actions. 
  2.   new Feature called "Workflow Stages"  for SPD Preview 2013 no need to create state Machine workflow .
  3.  new Actions like "Start a Task Process","Assign a task" .
  4.  "Call Web Service" Action use data from web-service in workflow.
  5.  new Variables types like "Dictionary Type Variables" for an array.  
  6.  absence of Design View in SharePoint 2013.  
  7. Visual Studio 2012 workflow project type support;
  8. Support for creating custom actions.
  9. Based On Windows Workflow 4.0.

    New Actions in SP2013 Workflow

    Action Description
    Assign a Task Assigns a single workflow task to a user or group.
    Start a Task Process Initiates execution of a task process.
    Go to This Stage Specifies the next stage in a workflow to which flow control should be handed.
    Call HTTP Web Service Functions as a method call to a Representational State Transfer (REST) endpoint.
    Start a List Workflow Starts a list-scoped workflow.
    Start a Site Workflow Starts a site-scoped workflow.
    Build DynamicValue Creates a new variable of type DynamicValue.
    Get Property from DynamicValue Retrieves a property value from a specified variable of type DynamicValue.
    Count Items in DynamicValue Returns the number of rows in a variable of type DynamicValue.
    Trim String Removes all leading and trailing white-space characters from the current string.
    Find Substring in String Returns 1-based index of the first occurrence of one or more characters, or the first occurrence of a string, within a string.
    Replace Substring in String Returns a new string in which all occurrences of a specified character or string are replaced with another specified character or string.
    Translate Document Functions as a wrapper around the HTTP activity that calls the synchronous translation API. You must configure a Machine Translation Service Application for the SharePoint site on which you run the workflow.
    Set Workflow Status Updates workflow status as specified in message string.
    Create a Project from Current Item [Microsoft Project] Creates a Project Server project based on the current item.
    Set the current project stage status to this value [Microsoft Project] Sets the two status fields within the current stage of the project.
    Set the status field in the idea list item to this value [Microsoft Project] Updates the status field of the original SharePoint list item.
    Wait for Project Event [Microsoft Project] Pauses the current instance of the workflow to await a specified Project event: Project checked in, Project committed, Project submitted.
    Set this field in the project to this value [Microsoft Project] Sets the value for th

but i am really enjoy allot. with these new tools. on every step its feel like when you get new toy in my childhood.

Microsoft Announces new Certifications for SharePoint 2013

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Exam 331 Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Design a SharePoint Topology  (Read )

·         Design information architecture. 
·         Design a logical architecture.
·         Design a physical architecture.
·         Plan a SharePoint Online (Microsoft Office 365) deployment.
Plan Security(Read) (Read)(Source Store) (Read)
·         Plan and configure authentication.
·         Plan and configure authorization.
·         Plan and configure platform security.
·         Plan and configure farm-level security.
·         Plan installation.
·         Plan and configure farm-wide settings.
·         Create and configure enterprise search.
·         Create and configure a Managed Metadata Service (MMS) application.
·         Create and configure a User Profile Service (UPA) application.

·         Provision and configure web applications.
·         Create and maintain site collections.
·         Manage site and site collection security.
·         Manage search.
·         Manage taxonomy.

·         Monitor a SharePoint environment.

Exam 70-332: Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013


Plan Business Continuity Management (21 percent)
·         Plan for SQL high availability and disaster recovery.
·         Plan SharePoint high availability.
·         Plan backup and restore.
·         Plan a social workload.
·         Plan and configure a search workload.
·         Plan and configure a Web Content Management (WCM) workload.
·         Plan an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) workload.

·         Evaluate content and customizations.
·         Plan an upgrade process.
·         Upgrade site collection.

·         Create and configure App Management.
·         Create and configure productivity services.
·         Configure service application federation.
·         Create and configure a Business Connectivity Service (BCS) and Secure Store application.
·         Manage SharePoint solutions and applications.
·         Plan and configure a BI infrastructure.
·         Create and configure work management.

Clinic 40027A:

First Look Clinic: What's New for Developers in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

 Clinic 40028A:

 First Look Clinic: What’s New for IT Professionals in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

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Create App By using Napa Office 365 Development Tool. Complete Step by Step

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

basic operations using the JavaScript client object model in SharePoint 2013 Preview. Create,Delete Items.

The “Napa” Office 365 Development Tools make it easy to start building apps for Office and SharePoint without leaving your browser or installing software. Just add the “Napa” Office 365 Development Tools app to your SharePoint Online Developer Site, launch it, and you will be ready to create your first app for Office or SharePoint.

When you are ready to leverage the powerful capabilities in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, the “Napa” Office 365 Development Tools makes it easy to download your project, get the required software and continue developing your app for Office or SharePoint.

Sign up for an Office 365 Developer Site 
Sign up for a trial during the preview period.

Step by Step how to Sign Up @ Office 365 Developer Site

 Once Create Account on  Office 365 Developer Site  you will see Office 365 Admin Center page.

Installing and Configring Napa App with Dev Site

1. Goto SharePoint>Administration Center>Apps>Purchaes App

2. Search and Select Napa Office 365 App form SharePoint App store and  Click on ADD IT button

3. Click on Return to Site button. Might be it will take few mints.

Create Developer Site to enable NAPA APP FOR DEVELOPMENT FEATURE 

4.Go back to SharePoint Administration Center then Click on Site Collection on left Menu .then Add new Site in as Private site.
SharePoint Administration >Site Collections>New>Private Site Collection

4. Select Developer Site Template form new site collection list. than fill basic info and Press OK button.

6.Once you Complete Creation of Site Collection you will see Develoepr site with new url in your site collection list then go to your developer site

7.then Click on top setting Icon>Add App and Select Napa App

8.Click on Trust it button

9. Napa Start up Screen will appear with three options Select App for SharePoint and mention your App name 

Once you Click on Create button you will See Napa Console on browser.

Guide for Napa 

10.then on your left hand site panel you will see treeview. select Pages>Default.aspx and Modify the Content PlaceHolder called PlaceHolderMain with Following Code example (code file are give blow).

11.Add this Code under PlaceHolderMain ContentPlaceHolder Left Menu Click on Script section and select App.js  and Add Code under the SharePointReady Function

13.add this code for bind click events of  three button that we add in default.aspx page.

14.Add these Functions end of the App.js File

15.then on > Play Icon from bottom bar. and deploy and launch the App

16.if App will not open automatically kindly check your browser might block the popup window.

17 Test App Add list Delete list ,Get list Count in web Operation

Add Code and Controls for Adding  and Deleting List Items.

18.Go back to Default.aspx and Find Selectionlistbox and add Onchange event with getitem method 

19 Add this Code under Selectionlistbox for Creating Items and Deleting them
20  Go to Script >App.js Again and add the following Code under the SharePointReady Fuction

End of the App.js file Add this Following code Step by Step

then Publish you app Again with Play icon on bottom it will upload and update your app again

Launch App Again
Test All Operation that you Create by Code

Open Compete Project in Your Visual Studio by Click on Visual Studio Icon on Bottom bar

Download Source Code

By Usama Wahab Khan