Visual Studio 11 and .NET Framework 4.5 and Windows 8

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Major new Feature of Visual Studio 2011 is leverage the power of the Windows 8 specially Metro Style Application with Windows Dev Center by using HTML 5 Support and Strong markup and java script intelligence full incompatibility with .net framework 4.5 new features for and C#. VS2011 have such great support of search.SharePoint Support is really cool specially remote publishing ,testing , Debugging feature. thanks a god now visual web part is available in sandbox great support and IntelliSense for JavaScript with streamlined temps.

Core Feature of .net framework 4.5 Vs 2011

  • Metro UI and window 8 App
  • multiple monitors
  • Improved Soution explorer
  • html 5 and xmal degsiner enhancement
  • Strong ALM Support with TFS 2011
  • SharePoint Remote Deployment (Love it :)
  • Support for with CSS 3 and HTML 5 ,XMAL(silverlight)
  • Just in time compiler on multi-core processors
  • Stronge Regular expression engine
  • Enhancement of MEF
  • Asynchronously http request and responses
  • web sockets
  • Model binders (great feature)
  • Expressions for DataBind ( Like when you we some thing like that for databind Text='<%#BindItem.FirstName %>' it will give us intelligence.
  • Support for HTML5 CSS 3
  • GridView enhancement

Windows 8 Metro App

Full Support for html 5 css3 and xmal with template.

SharePoint 2010 Support
Improved SharePoint 2010 Sandbox Soluiton
Create Lists and Content Types by Using New Designers
Create Site Columns
Create Silverlight Web Parts
Publish SharePoint Solutions to Remote SharePoint Servers
Test SharePoint Performance by Using Profiling Tools
Create Sandboxed Visual Web Parts
Improved Support for Sandboxed Solutions.
Support for JavaScript Debugging and IntelliSense for JavaScript
Streamlined SharePoint Project Templates
use full resource
Chanel 9 and other