Now Deep Zoom in (Seadragon control )

Monday, October 12, 2009

After Great success of silverlight Deep Zoom now Microsoft put this Feature in With
Help of Ajax .nt now you can add Zoom ,Pan,Center Images in with the help of Silverlight its called Seadragon . you can

  • Seadragon with a scalable overlay
  • Pan images
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom Out
  • Auto title
  • Fulpage mode

so Enjoy the World of

some Examples

Seadragon control with default properties
Click on the buttons to zoom in, zoom out, reset zoom, and make the image full screen. You also can drag the image with your mouse or double-click to zoom.
The Seadragon control is written in pure JavaScript. It works with all popular modern browsers.
Learn how to create images that work with the Seadragon control by visiting the Microsoft Live Labs website at

Want to show Deep Zoom Images on your page? Try our Embed Builder. No download, no hassle.
It's easy to embed the Seadragon Ajax Viewer:
Use PhotoZoom. Just create a new album and upload your photo to it. Wait until it's done processing, then view an individual photo and copy the URL that appears at the bottom. Or, you could download Deep Zoom Composer to compose a Deep Zoom Image that you upload to your site.
Create the code for the viewer, below.
Copy the code into your web page or blog.

Type in the URL of the Deep Zoom Image you want to show:
This doesn't appear to be a valid Deep Zoom Image.
The URL submitted will not be retained by Microsoft, nor will it be used for any other purpose
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Shakir said...

good article osama