Linq to SharePoint 2010 Provider by Bart De Smet

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The LINQ to SharePoint project provides a custom query provider for LINQ that allows to query SharePoint lists using familiar LINQ syntax. LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and is one of the core features of Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.5 release. its will support Custom Query Provieder that Translates Linq to CAML,the "Collaborative Application Markup Language" by SharePoint for querying by using Linq u didnt need other software to qury in caml like u2u as we know c#3.0 and 9.0 were support linq Entity Createion tool "SpMetal" to export sharepoint list definitions to entity Classes usedfor Querying and Visual Studio 2008 integration for entity Creation (a.ka SPML) make it more essay and simple you can connect sp site either using SharePoint Object Model or via the Share Point Web services Planned to Support for updating through Entity type This wonderfull Solution Invented by former Visual C# MVP, Bart De Smet now works at Microsoft Corporation on the WPF dev team in an SDE role. so enjoy enity sharepoint to linq

Updated for the alpha release
var ctx = new SharePointDataContext(new Uri("http://wss.mycompany.local"));
ctx.Log = Console.Out;
var users = ctx.GetList(ctx);

var res = from u in users
orderby u.Birthdate descending
where u.FirstName.StartsWith("B") && u.Age >= 24 && u.FavoriteFood == FavoriteFood.Pizza
select new { u.FullName, u.Age, Interest = u.AccountBalance * 0.07 };

foreach (var u in res)

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