SEO Support in 4.0 Matedata and Page Ruting

Friday, November 13, 2009

SEO( Search engine optimization ) is One of the Important Part for internet base Website SEO or E-Marketing is Very Important for get you site top take in Search engg:
or get more Visitor, Normally Search engines bot scan pages like\asp you site and save you meta specially Keywords . but mostly the did get dynamic pages we were crated by the help of qureystring like\MobileProduct.aspx?Product="Mobile" . Before 4.0 where were generate Metadata like Dynamic Keywords,Description,Title , for dynamic website like shopping cart there were hundreds
Product in database but u Search Engg only listed those pages those were query Now in 4.0 we had solution all of these problems we can resistor Our dynamic Pages with the help of 4.0 feature called Page Routing it has been introduce in MVC now you can use this feature in here i try to create one demo application where i had Products, Category's i will care Product page and route them and each page have dynamically generate keyword,title metadata

here u can see auto generated metadata and page routing it Product page dynamically generate from database
1. vs 2010 >New Website and named mycartapplicaiton
2. Right click on App_data folder add northwinds database from sample crate linq to sql add table and view

3. Right click on solution explorer and add two webform Product.aspx,Categories.aspx.
3 add gridview and set template like this on default.aspx

set sqldatasorce with wizard connectionstring >select columns [CategoryName], [Description], [CategoryID], [Picture] FROM table[Categories]

its will look like this

4.add gridview on categories.aspx

5. add sqldatasorce wizard for girdview ConnectionString>Select view Alphabetical list of products and columns ProductName, QuantityPerUnit, UnitPrice, UnitsInStock, UnitsOnOrder, ReorderLevel, Discontinued click on where button you will route option like this

6. product page repeat again same exercise code like this

7 add Global.asax handler add this coe in protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)

9 add this code in Product.aspx on pageload event or dynamic keyword and meatadata

10 add this code in default.aspx on pageload event or dynamic keyword and meatadata

Download SourceCode
and enjoy 4.0 or any other help contant me
By Usama wahab khan

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