Silverlight Beta 4 New Feature

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Now Microsoft release Silverlight Beta 4 New and Very Useful Features. Silverlight 3.0 was have Some major problems Like Assessing Com Object Silverlight didn't Provide`s Printing Support Developer have to us
Browser Print support or any other Services another Problem when u will trying local file access But beauty of Mouse
events but Mouse wheel and right click for right click menu were absent in Silverlight 3 these are some
of Major Problem in Silverlight 3.0 .Now Silverlight come`s with all solution now in silverlight 4.0 can
access Local file , Make Print Feature enable in you Application or reporting Silverlight4.0 Provieds
PrintDocument class
PrintDocument pd = new PrintDocument(); pd.PrintPage += (s, args) =>   {       args.PageVisual = LayoutRoot;   }; pd.Print();

Silverlight 4.0 New Features

1 Network Authentication and Trusted Network Access
now Use NetWork Authentication and trusted Network Access in you application use you
Network Authentication Model in you biz applicaitons

2 COM Object Access in Trusted Applications
Till Silverlight 3.0 didn't Support COM Object But Silverlight Provide Environment like Destop App but did use any COM
Feature Now But in Silverlight 4.0 You Use COM Object or like Windows Sapi Access in Trusted Applicatoins
3.RIA Services support in Visual Studio 2010
Full Ria Services Support in vs2010 .
4.Local File Access
access any Local file on Silverlgiht application
5.Asynchronous Data Validation
data Validation another Problem in sl.30 solve in Microsoft silverlight 4.0 Beta
6.Printing API Basics
In Silverlight 3.0 Printing Classes Were Absent so there Big Problem for developer to Create Business Application in SL
Most of Practices Use Support to Enable Printing Capability In Reporting ,or other Application but the beautifully
Support of Victor Graphic and Rich Graphical Layout they can not use it Now in Silverlight 4.0 Provides Printing Class
now you can Develop Fully Printable Rich media Application IN Sliverlight .4
7.DataGrid Enhancements
8.Using Silveright Controls As Drop Targets
RichText Area is one of Most use Full Feature or web base Portals for Rich Text Data now you
can Create MsWord like Online Richtextbox in you application

10.MouseWheel API
there where lots of Solution were available
on Forums for accessing
Mouse Wheels Events Support in Silverlight but now its Easy available in SL.4
11.Right Click Mouse Events Another Silverlight Problem in Right Events
Silverlight provide Most of mouse Events
mouse down,mouse up, mousemove
but mouse right click was absent in Sl
went You RightClick silverlight
context menu Sl.04 Beta
Provide RightClick Event "Element.MouseRightButtonUp"
Now you can Create custom context menu
in SL.04 Application

12.Notification API
You can use and make Noteifica withtion log
Data Error and other Notification Come`s in Application
SL.4 beta Provide NotificationWindow class
When SL Application is Out of Browser Mode
to Show Notification We Can Use NotificationWindow class

12.BiDi and Right-to-Left Support

13.Accessing the Global Clipboard Programmatically
Programmatically access clipbard specially in Rich Media Application.
14.Using the ViewBox Control
15.Hosting HTML Content
Silverlight 4.0 Support HTML Content in Silverlight Applicatons
Before SL4.0 it Was an Issue who To Create
iframe , web Browser ,any other html now its Become Very
Easy in 4.0
string html = "
Usama wahab khanWelcoem to Silverlight 4.0 Beta
"; HtmlContent.NavigateToString(html)
Accessing Web Camera and Microphone
Access Web Cams ,Microphones to Create
Chat Room Applicaton , like Yahoo ChatRoom,Skypy
but Online on Web
So Enjoy Silverlight Beta 4 New Feature
ill Post Each Tutorial of Silverlight Beta 4 New Features
thank you
Usama Wahab Khan

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