Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 ,3.0,3.5,4.0 beta

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Programing Is All about Reusability ,efficiency ,accuracy,precious,intelligence Of Example in Past Enterprises We were manged and document our accounts in ledger book but can we calculate and Analyze 10 Years of accounts or get lose and profits In average time?
Thats why he Put Computers in our office and store or account information database use software to Analyze ,Calculate and managed
there Account and make there data Reusable , faster and accurate .

Evolution Of Programing Technologies is basically is a evolution of Reusability in Past Era of Programing Languages We Try to make Reusable Things in our program faster.

1 Structured programming c, Pascal
Methods Reusability
2 Object Oriented Programming c++, Java, VB.NET, C#
Objects Reusability
3- Component Oriented Programming c#
collection of Objects Reusability
4- Service Oriented Programming (Azure,Cloud)
Applications Reusability

To Making Our Programming languages Object Oriented Fasting and Standardized
Net Framework Introduction
Net Framework Architecture
Net Framework Versions
Microsoft Visual Studio versions
Net Framework 3.5,4.0
Net Framework Technologies


Framework is a defined support structure in which another software project can be organized and developed
Framework are designed to meeting software requirement rather than providing the working system
Framework can be considered as the processes and technologies used to solve a complex issue
It is the skeleton upon which various objects are integrated for a given solution
Framework Organized and Standardize and make efficient and easier software development
intelligently .

Microsoft .Net Framework Introduction

.Net Framework is a software component
It gives operating system features and responsibilities
It supports building and running the next generation of applications and XML Web services
It consists of Common Language Runtime and Base Class Library

NET Framework basic Architecture

Common Language Runtime
Basic component whichd with Os.
CLR manages code execution at runtime
Memory management, thread management, etc.
Microsoft .net Framework Base class library
Object-oriented collection of reusable types
Collections, I/O, Strings, …
Microsoft and XML
Access relational databases
Disconnected data model
Work with XML
Microsoft Userinterface (Asp.Net & Windows Forms,wpf)
Create application’s front-end
Web-based user interface, Windows GUI,
Web services
Programming Languages
Use your favorite language
Microsoft .net framework support multiple Programming Languages Support.
C#,,J#,F#,c++ other...
Microsoft.Net Framework Components
Following are the major components of .NET Framework:
Common Language Specification (CLS)
.Net Framework Languages
.Net Framework Base Class Library (BCL - FCL)
Common Language Runtime (CLR)
Common Language Specification (CLS)
An Important goal of .Net Framework is to support multiple languages.
But all languages are not created equal so it is important to agree upon a common subset that all languages will support
The Common Language Specification is an agreement among languages.
The CLS defines the minimum standards that .NET languages must confirm.
Common Language Specification provides a series of basic rules that are required for language integration.
Microsoft.netframework Evolutuion

.netframework 1.0,1.1, alpha and beta model of .netframe after 1.1 we had .net2.0 base fromework model with time to time the evolution of .netframework is going on. in dotnet 3.0 microsoft Provide Support of wpf,wcf,wf,cs with ..net2.0 plue servicepack1 in .net framework 3.5 Microsoft give Linq (
LINQ: .NET Language Integrated Query),enhancement of,lamda expressions and give it new IDE Visual studio 2008

Now in Microsoft enhance .net framework and give support of dynamic data type and functions,
and ParallelComputer (Parallellibrary,Plinq to essay use of ParallelPrograming ) Gives it new IDE Vs2010 with support of all microsoft .net technologies (Silverlight,wpf,azure,sharepoint,sql2008)
thank you
By Usama wahab khan

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Salam Sir Kia Hal ha Sir jee
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