StateManagement Part 2 Using Cookies in

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There is Lots of ways and Techniques Are available to Manage you State on Web in Aspnet
Session management
its will manage user state between server and client like (User Authentication) its keep user Values with unique References on Server in you Apps
Application State management
Application State Manged your Application level Object like( User/Visitor Counter,Number of user online ) in normally we use to managed application level Object Globe.asmx Class
Managing State On Page
As we know http or html Control our stateless so before it quit big problem but provide nice solution for managing page or control state use View_state i will keep you Control State during Server to Client Communication Example if user using html Control for User Registration Form on your Web Site where user have to fill more 16 textboxies then you will check your name from server then Postback server html control lose all data fill by user but in Control it will keep its data in View_State in encrypted form .

View State [Save data in encrypted form in page]
Hidden fields [Save data in page]

Cookies [Storing Data on Client]
Query String [Passing data to next page by URL(defalut.aspx?var=abc)]

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