Silverlight WebPart In Sharepoint 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Now its a time user need Rich User Interface with high leve of interactivity that is
easly possible with xhtml technologies . for this solution Silverlight comes in
and provide leverage to you .net development to next level of Next
Generation application developement evneriment and develop Rich internet application
and provide ultimate experience for web. SharePoint also provide support for silverlight
. silverlight compiled its not into (.XAP) now you can add .xap file in sharepoint as

Usama Wahab Khan
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Gaz said...

Thanks for your helpful instructions. I for one cannot always get to grips with the various silverlight feature, however your explanations have proved useful to me.
Keep up the good work!

Jim said...

I have to admit I will have to go through this in more detail as I am a little lost right now. I think I am getting more technically challenged as I get older. Good detail just the same, I just need to make a coffee & get focused. It does help have the screen shots though. Thanks.

Ray Simon said...

I really like silverlight because I can integrate my content using high definition streaming video. In addition I can deliver my content via all major web browsers and mobile devices.

Silverlight also allows me to bring my creativity to life much easier using sketchflow.

Anni D said...

Thanks, those screen shots are really quite helpful. My new site will be done in no time. Thanks for that

weight loss coffee said...

Very helpful instructions. Thanks so much. Silverlight is a pain in the butt sometimes.