Send Email in Silverlight

Monday, June 7, 2010

add Generic Handler in Web.Project
Add Static Class and Crate Send Email Function
Add This Code in Generic handler
Add This Code At SilverLight Project(MainPage.xaml.cs) on send button click
Add this SMPT Configuration in Web.config File
Download SourceCode
By Usama Wahab Khan
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flow700 said...

Just what I was looking for. Thanks

master777 said...

Hi and thanks for sharing this with us. I am totally new and i need to understand everything clearly in order to do it again in the future uses. So basically what changes and additions i need to use in order to use this project in my web site. I would be so appreciated If you could give me information in details please! Thanks!

p.s I use sl4 in C#

master777 said...

Could you also tell me what infrastructure that i need to know before start to learn SL4 please, Thank you!