SLARToolkit - Silverlight Augmented Reality Toolkit

Friday, January 28, 2011

How it works
This sample uses the SLARToolkit CaptureSourceMarkerDetector to detect the markers in each webcam frame. The detection result contains a transformation matrix for each found marker which is then used to transform the selected UIElement. The tracked marker region is highlighted with a red quad through the WriteableBitmapEx library.

SLARToolkit is a flexible Augmented Reality library for Silverlight with the aim to make real time Augmented Reality applications with Silverlight as easy and fast as possible. It can be used with Silverlight's Webcam API or with any other CaptureSource or a WriteableBitmap. SLARTookit is based on the established NyARToolkit and ARToolkit. SLARToolkit uses a dual license model and could be used for open or closed source applications under certain conditions. See the License page for details.
Download it, build your app and augment your reality
The open source SLARToolkit library and the samples are hosted at CodePlex. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions don't hesitate and write a comment, use the Issue Tracker on the CodePlex site or contact me via any other media.
Have fun with the library and please keep me updated if you use it anywhere so I can put a link on the project site.

Update 03-15-2010
Updated to the Silverlight 4 Release Candidate.

Update 04-15-2010
Updated to the final Silverlight 4 RTW build.

Live Demo

Live Video

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René Schulte

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