Windows Phone 7 Turnstile Control for Silverlight

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What is Turnstile?

With the introduction of Windows Phone 7, many developers have found new and interesting ways to design and present their applications. Through the use of beautiful typography, geometric designs and subtle use of motion, the Metro design language enables us to create user experiences that are modern, clean and consistent.

One of the characteristic effects of this design language is the well-known "turnstile" transition, featured in the Windows Phone 7 start screen and in some applications that come with the phone. This animation consists in rotating each element of the screen in 3D in succession in such a way that the whole page seems to move fluidly - an image is worth a thousand words:


This control is an ItemsControl for Silverlight that allows you to recreate the Turnstile effect in your applications.


Two demos of this control are available on

Thanks to
Roberto Sonnino - 2010
Twitter: @robertos_br
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Anonymous said...

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its so much easy to understand ...
u explain very well