Basic SharePoint 2010 (Site Collection,Site,others)

Monday, August 22, 2011

SharePoint Logical Structure

Creating Web Application.
Application Management à Web Applications à
Manage Web Applications
à New
Unique URL: IP address:Port + host header
§Typical: User port 80 (or SSL) with host header
Application name: based on your naming standards
Authentication mode: Classic or Claims-Based
Public URL: for load balancing
Application pool
§Shared app pool for reduced RAM overhead
§Separate app pools for process isolation
Shared identity for simplicity
Separate identities for manageability and audit
Database name: based on your naming standards
DNS: A record (not CNAME)

Load Balancing
Create Site Collection

Application Management à Site Collections à
Create site collections
Ensure you’re focused on the correct Web application
§Top level: /
§Additional site collections: / [managed path /] SiteName
Recommend URLs with no spaces (%20) and MixedCase
Site definition: Template selection
§Sub-sites: List is filtered based on parent site settings

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