SharePoint 2013 App Model advantages

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SharePoint 2013 applicaiton model is very strong approach for developer to leverage there skil and developer wornderful apps except using any sever side code. as we know Sandbox solution is deprecating in sharePoint 2013 because of so many ressones. but SharePoint 2013 open new door for developer to develop,market,earm Apps.

  •  Easy install,buy from App Market.
  •  Easy to sale and market on App Store.
  •  Safe SP Extentions for admin. easy Upgrads and deployments.
  •  use non sharepoint progamining skills like qjuery,html5,mvc to create beautiful app.
  •  use cross-platform standards (HTML, REST, OData, JavaScript, and OAuth_. 
  •  leverage SharePoint Cross Domain js libaries and sharepoint Data with oAuth. SharePoint rest/OData     Service. to use sharePoint Objects like Site,list,libaries.
  •  They maximize your flexibility in developing future upgrades.

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