Create an external content type from an OData source in SharePoint 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

External content type are is core part of Business Connectivity Services. which allow you create content type for external data to collaborate  with SharePoint. its more meaningful way to  interact  external data. you use your LOB Application with SharePoint 2013 and Performed CURD Operations. 

More About BCS 


 Microsoft SharePoint 2013
VS2012 with SharePoint 2013 Tools Developer 
Published OData Service . Sample free OData Sources List

1 Open VS2012  and Create New Project. Visual Studio >New Project >Office/SharePoint>App>Apps for SharePoint 2013.

2 Enter Your Project and Click Ok.

3 Enter your App Name and insert SharePoint Site URL where you want to debug or use it.
4 Select "SharePoint-Hosted" in type of host you want to select for you app.
5 Right Click on Solution Explorer in Visual Studio> Add > Content Type for an External Data Source.
6 It will Open SharePoint Customization Wizard Add external  Data Source Name and URL for Odata Service. 

7. Select Entities that you want to Create ECT then Click on Finish 

8. Once you create ETC It will Create one Sub folder in Solution under ETC which have by default List for that ETC. 

9.  Right Click On AppManifest.xml from Solution in Visual Studio select View Code then change the Value of attribute called " " with this ~appWebUrl/Lists/Employee.
10. Click  F5 to test and Deploy. go to you site > Site Content and you will your new app is there click on it.

Click on any of these item then you can see all information is here you can edit these recorded it depend on you service as well. 
for that you have create you own WCF Data Service then you can modified Records 

.List will not Appear in Site this Site Content for that you have Understand SharePoint  App Security and Storage Module. here MVP CHRIS O'BRIEN explained it very beautifully.

If have any other Questions Regarding that kindly Email me @

By Usama Wahab Khan 

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Drew said...

How am I able to deploy custom .aspx pages as the view/edit/new forms for the External Content Type? I am able to do it for a regular OOB list, but it doesn't work for the External Content Type.