Create SharePoint 2013 Workflow Loop By Using SharePoint 2013 designer Preview

Sunday, October 7, 2012

One the Major Enhancements in SharePoint 2013 Workflows is availability  of "Loop"s is in SharePoint Actions. now loop are fully integrated in workflow actions. there is two type of loops. "Loop n Times" and Loop with conditions. this new feature is available with SharePoint 2013 Workflows  You can create directly   loop based workflow by using SharePoint designer 2013 preview with different actions. here i am showing one basic example how you can create loop in workflows by using SharePoint 2013.

before start this

Set up and configure SharePoint 2013 Workflow Manager

  • Installing and configuring workflow for SharePoint Server 2013

  • Open SPD2013 Preview Click on List & libraries>Select any existing list or Create new List.  

    Click on List Workflow button in ribbon. It will open one Popup.

    Fill Workflow Name and description and Select SharePoint 2013 Workflow form dropdown. if in case 
    you only see the SharePoint 2010 Workflow kindly check. did you Install and configure workflow in SharePoint Server 2013. because SharePoint 2013 Workflow is based on Azure workflows.

    In side the Ribbon  you will see one yellow to Add loop to your workflow.

    here i am create Initiation form Parameters for Loop Count.

     set the by default Value

    Click on Yellow spot in ribbon and select loop n timers.  set parameters. 

    Set send email Action in side the loop. 

    Add Email Address that mail to be send.

    create message for email.

    Click  Loop Yellow button in Ribbon. and select loop n Condition

    Create another Initiation form Parameters.

    Set Parameter and with loop values and set condition equal to not equal and hard code 10 value for comparison 

      Save and Publish

    Assess your Site from Browser and navigate to that list create one Item and
    click on workflow

    double Click on your created worflow.

    fill Parameters in  Initiation form and Click on Start Button
    Go back and list Workflow setting page

    Go to SharePoint Workflow History. you  will see updates that done in loop.

    check you Main Box for emails. 

    By Usama Wahab Khan
    thank you 
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